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General FAQs for all Apex Handguards

General Information

For ALL Apex Handguard Systems


All Apex Handguard Systems come with a tube, clamp, and hardware.


All materials USA made: Tube-6061 Aluminium, Clamp-7075 Aluminium, Rails-6061 Aluminium, Hardware-Steel

The OAL (Overall Length) includes the exposed portion of the clamp. Ex 12.5" = 11.5" tube + 1.0" exposed clamp.

Outside diameter of the tube is 1.970"

Inside diameter of the tube is 1.750":

     AR15 models: .925'' above & .825'' below center of bore

     308/AR10 models: .975'' above & .775'' below center of bore

The width of the slots for accessory rail placement is 7mm or .276"

The handguard is offset from the centerline of the barrel, to provide better internal clearance for the gas tube: AR15 by .050; 308 by .100

Compatible Gas Piston Systems: ONLY Osprey Gas Piston System. The Adams Arms Gas Piston System is NOT compatible.

Compatible Low Profile Gas Blocks (direct impingement)

     Apex  Item# 4625  Item# 4875  Item# 4938



     Daniel Defense


     GB Systems





     Yankee Hill

     or any front sight post that has been cut down

Vertical Grip Slot-accessory mounting slots, located on the bottom of the tube, provide the versatility for a wide range of positions.

Four (4) quick detach sling sockets, located at front, back, and the right and left. Any 3/8" QD will work. Contact VLTOR or Blue Force Gear for quick detach sling swivel.

10-24 set screws may be purchased from a hardware store to fill unused top holes, if desired.

Clamp Screws: 10-24 x 1/2" SHCS

Tube Screws: 10-24 x 1/4" BHS

Tube allows for installation for a 1.5" supressor tube

Cutout width on Extended Models: 7/8" Item# 2150 Item# 2250

Cutout length of Extended Models: 1.405" Item# 2150 & Item# 2250

We don't recommend trim rings or end caps because of reduced ventilation, debris evacuation, and diminished barrel cooling.