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Warranty and Terms & Conditions of Sale

We want nothing more than to provide excellent customer service for our customers and prospective customers alike. In an effort to achieve this goal we strongly recommend anyone submitting a request for a quote or purchase order to first read our terms and conditions below.



Apex Machining Company, Inc. will warranty parts manufactured to Customer's drawings and specifications, but does not warranty the merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose unless stated on the quote. Liability for the breach of any warranty is limited to replacement of defective or nonconforming goods or to the refund of the purchase price upon return of the goods to Apex Machining Company, Inc. Customer assumes all risks and liability for loss, damage, or injury to persons or property of Customer or others aring out of the use or possession of the goods.



The price and quantity quoted on a given part will be honored for 30 days due to possibility of fluctuating material prices.

Payment is required at time of delivery unless credit terms have been prearrranged. If paying by credit card, an additional 3% fee will be added to your invoice.

Pricing is based on a single delivery. Delivery charges will be added to your invoice.

A WRITTEN PURCHASE ORDER IS REQUIRED to be delivered to Apex by fax, email, mail or in person. If you don't have a purchase order form please use this form.

Upon receipt of your purchase order, an acknowledgment of the terms of your purchase order will promptly be send back to you including our established delivery date. All terms of agreement must be finalized before manufacturing begins.

Delivery date is dependent on our current workload when your purchase order is received. Apex Machining Company, Inc operates on a "first-come, first-served" basis and will honor commitments previously made. If you require expedited service or other changes after we have acknowledged agreement of terms, a surcharge may apply.

The part number and revision number on prints provided to Apex must match your purchase order, as well as our original quote.


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